Friday 5 July 2019

Website updated

The website updated with news of the new book. Men being thrown off battlements, heroic looking crusaders whacking unfortunate Muslims. To look at you'd think this is a Christian victory, rather than the crusaders' last stand in the Holy Land at the siege of Acre 1291. It's of course a completely unhistorical piece of nineteenth century French romanticism. The book will offer something more factual, but hopefully as gripping in its own way...


  1. Looking forward to its publication!!

  2. Very pleased to read of the new book. It's been quite some time since Conquerors which caused me to wonder if you had retired from writing. Quite a good topic that you have chosen so I look forward to reading a granular account of final events.

    On a more trivial note I would to say that I much prefer the British cover over the US one. Also, the addition of the definite article does not improve the title.