Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Constantinople fell today - and new covers!

29 May 1453 - the fall of Constantinople. In Istanbul processions and re-enactments. For the Greeks the memory of a painful loss - not that they need anything else painful to think about just now.

My UK publisher, Faber, have just given me wonderful new covers for Constantinople and Empires of the Sea. Just to warn you - one or two people have seen these on Amazon and think, particularly with Constantinople, that they are new books...unfortunately I don't write that fast, but I do almost have a brand! Constantinople carries the double-headed eagle of the Palaiologi - the Byzantine dynasty whose last emperor, Constantine XI, died fighting bravely on the city walls this afternoon, 560 years ago. It seems long ago and yet fresh in the memory of the Greek and Turkish peoples.


  1. You are right to be pleased with the new covers. Not only are the covers clear, crisp and clean and descriptive but the icon for each is spot-on. Kudos to the graphic designer.

  2. In keeping with the style of the first books I wonder (probably at the obvious) if the Portuguese Empire book would have the Portuguese national flag as the icon and the title superimposed on a light outline of the Monument to the Discoveries.