Monday, 14 September 2015

The blog resumes

After a lengthy pause...the past few months have been spent exhaustively correcting proofs, writing articles and talks for my new book - 'Conquerors: How Portugal seized the Indian Ocean and forged the First Global Empire' - out on Thursday in the UK - cover to follow shortly. You'll have to wait until December, I'm afraid, if you're in North America.

In the interim I have also just returned from a fortnight talking on  a Zegrahm Expeditions cruise down the Adriatic Coast from Dubrovnik to Malta; on the way tracking the presence of the Venetians in the sea. St Marks's lion is everywhere on the castle walls and doorways of Adriatic towns.

Here are a few random images:

A religious procession in Valletta

A particularly bad tempered Venetian lion on the walls of the town of the island of Hvar, Croatia
Everyone needs a diving helmet from the Split flea market
A small wizard conjures eerie sounds from a three hundred year old brass flute on the ramparts of a castle; behind, the bare hills of Albania - shivers down the spine.


The roof of the Emperor Diocletian's mausoleum in his palace in Split




  1. I hope you'll allow me a small correction. The Split photo is of Vestibul, an antechamber to imperial quarters of the Diocletian's palace and not of the mausoleum.

    1. Hi Vedran - of course you are right - doing things too quickly. All the best.

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  3. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, Mr. Crowley. Please keep posting those great images. Do you have any picture from Constantinople walls, where is the possible site from the Kerkoporta?